Dental Implants

Dental Implants Done The Right Way

Whether it’s a single missing tooth or a denture that won’t stay in place, dental implants may be the solution. Implants offer a predictable long-term replacement alternative to bridges, partial and full dentures. Single tooth implants consist of a permanent crown that gets cemented or screwed into the abutment. Partial and full dentures, also known as overdentures, can also use dental implants to stabilize a denture, making it easier to chew and more esthetic.

  • Single Tooth Implants
  • Partial Dental Implants
  • Full Dental implants
Dental Implants

Why Get Dental Implants From Dr. Curley

We incorporate the latest technology to deliver the very best possible service. Our process is thorough and includes CBCT, implant placement planning software, 3D printed surgical guides and dynamic navigation that allows real-time feedback for precise placement during implant surgery to make sure you have the best outcome possible. Comfortable and relaxing, we welcome patients of all ages and walks of life to our facility located in Leland, NC. Our dental treatment area is fully equipped with the greatest level of dental technology to make certain that every patient has a relaxing and effective experience.

Dental Implants

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