Join Our Team!

Looking for an opportunity to work with an amazing dental team in the Leland area? We are currently seeking talented individuals to come join our family.

At Curley Implant & General Dentistry, we hold ourselves to a high standard. Our Core Values drive our practice,  and it is our philosophy of providing excellent service and healthcare which sets us apart from any other practice.

To inquire about the job postings below, please call (910) 463-2267

Our Core Values


We strive for excellence by committing to continuous improvement, never being satisfied that we have found the best way to serve our patients.


We can accomplish more together than as individuals. Successful teamwork requires us to work together and treat one another with trust and respect. This requires communication that is honest, constructive, and directed to the appropriate person.

Individual Responsibility

Every team member has an obligation to themselves and the team to perform to the best of their ability. This also means protecting the culture of our office by speaking up if they witness behavior that is inconsistent with our mission and core values. You will always be supported for doing what is right.


We must perform. Efficient execution of our daily responsibilities is critical for our success. It requires passion, accountability, and a rigid commitment to quality and hard work.


We demonstrate with our behavior the highest level of moral and ethical principles at all times. Integrity is the foundation for all positive interpersonal relationships.

Financial Responsibility

At the end of the day our practice is a business that needs to operate profitably in order to enjoy all that we set out to create. Our ability to invest in people, education, space improvements, technology, etc can only happen if there is profit.