Let’s Talk Plaque

What is PLAQUE?   Why should you care?Dental plaque is a bacteria colony that grows in your mouth. The more time it has to grow undisturbed (by a toothbrush) the more it covers your teeth and gums.

Human beings have bacteria living in and on our bodies that out-number human cells three to one; some conservative estimates say one to one. Ponder that for a minute. We are equally human cells and a walking petri dish! So what is a human to do? I am glad you asked.

Do everything you can do to control and eradicate bad bugs and help the good bugs thrive.

Why is dental plaque bad? For your gums it makes them inflamed and bleed (gingivitis). If it’s not controlled at this early inflammation stage, it progresses to a bacterial infection of your gums (periodontal disease). For your teeth, plaque produces acid that leeches the minerals from tooth enamel creating a weak spot. A bad bug called Strep Mutans takes advantage of the weak enamel spot, passing through the enamel and into the underlying tooth layer called dentin. Strep Mutans eats the dentin making it soft and smelly, we call tooth rot or cavity.

Enter saliva. Saliva has minerals in it that makes plaque turn hard, known as tartar or calculus. Tartar helps plaque hang around longer because you can’t brush it off. When tartar has a chance to creep and grow, it frequently likes to go below your gumline. This is when the trouble begins. As tartar colonizes below your gumline the bacteria changes – it no longer “breathes” air, becoming anaerobic. Anaerobic bacteria is bad news for humans. In the mouth it attacks and destroys the jawbone that holds the roots of your teeth in. Other places in the human body toxic anaerobic bacteria is present in appendicitis, diverticulitis, pneumonia, sepsis and more.

I offer you a solution to all this madness. Meet my talented dental hygiene team of dedicated professional PLAQUE ATTACKERS. They are here to serve you in your personal fight to control bad bugs.

Stay strong,

Dr. Curley