Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

The answer to this question has a significant impact on your health, and is worth getting your level tested. Nearly half of all light-skinned Americans and over eighty percent of dark-skinned Americans are deficient in vitamin D. Most importantly, vitamin D helps build strong healthy bones. But not enough can lead to a host of health problems that include hair loss, Alzheimer's disease, ALS, asthma, heart arrhythmia, cardiovascular disease, cancer,
depression, diabetes, hypertension, infertility, MS, Parkinson's disease, rickets, schizophrenia, ... and dental implant failure.

I grant you, a failed dental implant doesn't sound as serious as the other problems. But if you are in the profession of providing dental implants, it's serious business. A recent study showed the rate of dental implant failure among patients who were deficient (less than  10ng/ ml) were nearly three times more likely to have an implant fail than the rate of someone
with healthy vitamin D levels. Interestingly, in this study heavy smokers had half the risk of implant failure as vitamin D deficient patients.

A healthy target level would be in the 50-60ng/ml range. How much more you may need to hit this target depends on your current level. A common supplement dose is 5000IU per day, but you will need to consult your physician to understand your specific needs.

Our bodies get vitamin D in two main ways. One is exposure to UV rays from the sun (or tanning bed), and the second is supplementation with a pill. Vitamin D in food, like fortified milk or orange juice is not an adequate source alone to maintain healthy levels.

Not enough vitamin D can lead to a host of health problems.

• Avoid having your foot amputated because your diabetes has prevented a foot wound from healing. L-PRF, or Leukocyte-rich Platelet Rich Fibrin, is also derived from your blood and is a new frontier for diabetic wound closure and other non-healing wounds.

• Super enhanced healing of soft tissue using your own blood, spun down in a centrifuge to concentrate platelets, and applied to a surgical site, or your face! for a vampire facial by your dermatologist, or your inflamed joint. This blood concentrate is called PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is exciting stuff! We have entered an era of understanding our body's capacity to heal by using our body's own cells. We have long understood what a stem cell or a platelet does, only now have we begun to understand how to put that information to work.

I am proud to be a part of this progressive area of medicine and dentistry. I routinely incorporate Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP and Leukocyte-rich Platelet Rich Fibrin, L-PFR in certain surgical and implant procedures. Call my office for a free consultation to see if you should get your cells working for you.


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